In Her Shoes, Inc. is a non-profit Program exclusively for Women. Our mission is to facilitate, nurture, and restore hope through community services to women who have experienced inform trauma, incarceration, and hardship.


Founded in 2010 by Lenora Webb, In Her Shoes, Inc. (IHS) is dedicated to empowering women who are at risk of returning back to incarceration through its unique and structured programs.

We believe in providing unconditional love, support, and hope for a better future for women coming out of incarceration; to the point where they can visualize and make becoming successful role models and gainfully employed model citizens in their community a reality.



Lenora Webb

Founder & Executive Director
























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Commissioner Charlotte King
League of Women Voters, Delaware

Office of the Public Defender
Brian Bartley, Attorney at Law

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Richardson Park Community Action Program
Wilmington, Delaware

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Mayor Dennis Williams
Wilmington, Delaware

Criminal Justice Council

Wilmington, Delaware 


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"Everybody can be great ... because anybody can serve. You don't have to have a college degree to serve. You don't have to make your subject and verb agree to serve. You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love."

-Martin Luther King, Jr.


“I’m grateful I gave this program a chance. I’m also grateful Ms. Webb gave someone like me a chance.”

”I realize how knowledge and support can go a long way and I would like to do for someone what Ms. Webb and the In Her Shoes program has done for me.”

When I first heard about the In Her Shoes program I was incarcerated at Baylor Women’s Correctional facility. I was in the 6 for 1 program writing to go to court. Mrs. Webb stood in the prison’s church speaking about her program with me and the rest of the unit. I liked Ms. Webb and the idea of starting off on the right foot when I was released. So, I decided to commit myself to attending the program.

I was released within a week of my first introduction of In Her Shoes and I attended the first Tuesday I was home. We met at the Wilmington Library and I really didn’t know what to expect. I wasn’t quite convinced I would even benefit from this program. I’m grateful I gave this program a chance. I’m also grateful Ms. Webb gave someone like me a chance. Over the next 12 weeks I was able to interact with other women, learn new useful information, and solidify some things I had vague ideas about.

Interacting with these other women was nice because I didn’t feel judged by them because of my past and I was able to open up and be vulnerable. I learned about myself as a woman through the Women’s Health workshop Christiana Care facilitated. I was also able to do different therapeutic activities that helped me learn more about myself on a deeper level. I realize how effective and soothing therapeutic activities can be.

I like being creative and I forgot this part of me over the years. This workshop woke a piece of me up that was buried. 

This also helped me realize a lot of personal issues I needed to work on. I am a recovering addict and because of this fact it is vital I’m around other recovering addicts that can help guide me through this process. I met my sponsor at the recovery workshop on one of these Tuesday nights and she is still my sponsor to this day. Another workshop that stands out to me is the Financial workshop where I learned about credit and budgeting. Each one of these workshops has motivated me and shown me to take care of my life in areas such as this.

I take care of my health today and I regularly see a doctor when needed which, I’m ashamed to say at one point I didn't do that. I also take care of my mental health and I regularly see a therapist. I also opened up a checking and savings account and a bank account for my 3 year old son that I put money into for when he gets older. I also opened up a secure card through Wells Fargo as I learned in the financial workshop; it will help my credit if I use it properly.

I pay attention to my credit today and my score has gotten better. It is important to me and I have the support to do so directly from the In Her Shoes program.

I am now working full time with benefits and I am able to better support my son on an emotional and financial level. I have the support from Ms. Webb and the other members from In Her Shoes as well as a couple of the facilitators from the workshops. I appreciate this program and the people who commit their lives to helping people like me. I have been able to obtain a lot through the guidance and support of those involved.

I am forever grateful and I believe programs like this are few and far in between in our area. As I continue to grow I know I will be able to help others as Ms. Webb has helped many of us. I realize how knowledge and support can go a long way and I would like to do for someone what Ms. Webb and the In Her Shoes program has done for me.

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My experience with Ms. Webb and In Her Shoes, Inc. has been nothing but positive. I believe that In Her Shoes, Inc. is super helpful to women. I think it’s a great program because it offers resources for women in recovery, scholarship programs for those who meet the criteria, and a helping hand to change your life and move forward.

“Ms. Webb is very helpful and cares about everyone; I am thankful to know
someone like her.”
— Maria Summers

I am thankful for the program personally because I was given the opportunity to share a little bit about myself with other women. Ms. Webb is very helpful and cares about everyone; I am thankful to know someone like her. I would strongly encourage women who are trying to get ahead to check out In Her Shoes Inc., it’s very helpful in more ways than one.


Maria Summers



Thank you for believing in me when I didn’t believe in myself.
— Key

In Her Shoes, Inc. has had a major impact on my life. I’m talking about a life-saving and life changing impact. When I was first introduced to the founder of In Her Shoes, Inc., I was a broken vessel.

I was well aware of the damage that I had caused myself and others. What I also had was a desire to change. I just didn’t know where to start or how to go about making the change.
— Key

I am not really sure if Lenora Webb herself knows the effects of her words, suggestions, and ...encouragement and how much she helped to change my life. I met Lenora Webb in September 2010 and she still continues to be a beacon of light and hope for me and many other women. In Her Shoes, Inc. has connected me to so much great support and I am ever grateful. I’m now a student at Springfield College and gainfully employed. Thank you for believing in me when I didn’t believe in myself. 






Lorri Irrgang

12:08 PM on May 17, 2015

I had the opportunity to meet Lenora at the Voices of Hope meeting on Wednesday at the Cecil County Health Department. "In Her Shoes" is an amazing program! Awesome idea and much needed support for our recovering women!


iris simmons

6:54 PM on January 13, 2015
In her shoes is a great class to be in great, support and see different faces to where as women we can help each other and learn from each other Im glad to be part of this class it helped my in a big way love my teacher she helped me when I was in the Crest and now Im home in the class Im proud of her as also of my self yes we all sometimes have set back but this is the class to get back on track and start over got to have faith and in this class you will have and will get a new lens I know I have and love what I see Ive been throw alot learnd alot about my life me and what God has for me I thank you for In Her Shoes God Bless you Ms Webb and keep up the good work I know I will love you all my sisters Iris Simmons Thank you.

Dolly Craft-Greene

6:41 PM on January 13, 2015
In Her Shoes is a wonderful organization helping women get back on their feet. Ms. Webb the founder uses a holistic approach to help these young women. She does not only help them get a job, but also address their other socio-economic issues. Ms. Webb you are such a wonderful person and an inspiration to us all. You have helped me tremendously with my growth.